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identify challenges.

anticipate needs.

create solutions.

build teams.

see the unseen.

embrace the situation.

drive success.

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What we are about

Local Government and Small/Mid Sized business do not lack in complexity – they just do not have excess people and time to properly manage major initiatives and projects that are critical to their success. Our experience has found that through engaging our services early in the process we can significantly reduce project over-runs and increase the likelihood of success.


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Why we are different

We are a professional management consulting firm that addresses the business challenges facing our customers throughout strategy, process, business control, technology, and interpersonal/leadership communication strategies. Our insights have saved our customers millions of dollars in real money.

Our Success

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We make improvements in the systems and processes of our customer, and in the way they execute initiatives. We provide high-quality strategy, project management and technology management consulting services, enabling our customers to operate effectively and efficiently. Our work focuses on improvements to organizations, business processes, and technology that are consistent with the long-term vision and business models of each customer.
We design professional development training for organizations who seek to foster confidence and skills within leaders at all levels. Whether the purpose is to facilitate leadership development and job skills training, design professional curriculum, organize leadership team events, or coaching individual leaders on skills for both leadership development and achievement.
Using a balanced approach, we succeed at business re-engineering in the following areas:
  • Organizational and Business Process Redesign
  • Process and Performance Audits and Assessments
  • Organization, Culture, and Methodology Development
  • Program and Project Management and Training
  • Goal setting and KPI Development
  • With a wide array of experience, our technological sweet spots are:
  • Outsourced Technology Executive Management
  • Strategic and Tactical Systems Planning
  • System Assessment, Selection, Design, and Integration
  • Project Management of Implementations
  • Application Managed Services
  • How to get us

    While we are typically at a customer's place of business, we are always available via phone or email. If you wish to visit, please make an appointment first.

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    400 North St. Paul, Suite 1050

    Dallas, Texas 75201


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    3100 Independence Pkwy, Suite 311

    Plano, Texas 75075

    Phone: +1 972.292.8172

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